Selected Projects

AI Education

In this project and in collaboration with scientific partners we will develop logic and digital exit games and the educational concept for their use in STEM education for children.

Digital Logic and Exit games are highly motivating, offer strong incentives to communicate and to collaborate, and encourage problem solving skills in a playful way. Game-based learning supports 21st centry skills.

We develop an editor and platform for AI and STEM education for kids.

ECG Anomalies

We developed a software and AI algorithm for ECG Smart Textile data detecting heart rhythm anomalies. The data comes from a comfortable breast belt, the analysis is embedded in an interactive ECG view with anomaly highlighting.

The complete solution is being certified at our Smart Textile partner company as a medical device.

Path AI Pathology

We create machine learning models for cancer analysis in pathology and synthetic data generation for human tissue cell image exploration to support medical experts in diagnosis and research.

The result will be a software platform for AI-powered digital pathology.

Secure Telemedicine

We develop the most secure telemedicine solution, completely end-to-end encrypted video, text and file communication.

Accompanied with mobile applications for secure key management and bespoke AI assitants for skin analysis, speech to text transcriptions and expert decision-support.


We develop a AI-powered solution to optimize cattle grazing using state-of-the-art (SOTA) techniques for satellite and near ground imagery. This includes optimizing the quantity and quality of available biomass, ie, pasture volume, type and growth stages and their dependencies: grazing volume and patterns, restoration/regeneration and the fixed variable the weather.

Technology Scouting

We developed a cloud software for technology scouting and monitoring with exploratory interactive search.

Machine learning based big data document processing for topic discovery and clustering. Web application frontend.

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